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The part played by wireless in the story of the ill-fated ship and the subsequent influence on developments of the technology and the Company are well worth their own entry.




June 10, 1910

(Of Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd.)


The above is a very comprehensive description with annotations by the website's author accessible here 



The authoritative version of events is contained in this presentation by Michael Hughes from the Bodleian Library in a talk about the final wireless communications from the Titanic



The National Maritime Museum has extensive collections


Possibly of more general interest is this version - this amateur radio site has a wide collection of stories.


There have been several films including one about the Marconi operators


In a recent exhibition held in the Hall Street factory an interesting reconstruction of the wireless room was featured. 


The Marconi installation


Titanic Universe - this entry about one of the Marconi operators 


Wikipedia entry - a general article with a passing reference


Magazine article


An odd item


Short video of survivors in New York - including clip of Marconi







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