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Reorganisation 1968

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The General Electric Company Ltd - Chairman Lord Nelson of Stafford; MD - Sir Arnold Weinstock - London


The links given are to details of company product ranges circa 1975, with some links to later information.


Following the merger between GEC and English Electric a new company structure was implemented with units becoming independent trading entities within GEC-Marconi Electronics responsible to R. Telford MD of The Marconi Company:


Marconi Communications Systems Ltd - MD T. Mayer - Chelmsford

Marconi Broadcasting Division - Chelmsford

Marconi Radio Communications Division - Chelmsford

Marconi Space Communications Division - Chelmsford

Marconi Line Communications Division - Chelmsford

Marconi Mercantile Marine Division - Chelmsford

Mobile Communications Division of GEC-AEI Electronics Ltd - Coventry

Eddistone Radio Ltd - Birmingham

Marconi Specialised Components Division = Billericay and Hackbridge


Marconi Radar Systems Ltd - MD J. Sutherland - Chelmsford

Marconi Radar Division - Chelmsford

Elliott Airspace Control - Borehamwood

GEC-AEI Electronics Ltd - Leicester


Marconi-Elliott Avionics Systems Ltd - MD Dr. B. J. O'Kane, Deputy J.E. Pateman - Rochester

Marconi Aeronautical Division - Basildon

Elliott Flight Automation - Rochester

Elliott-Automation Radar Systems - Borehamwood

Marconi Electro-Optical Systems Division - Basildon

Associate companies
E-A Industrial Corporation - Chamblee, USA

Canadian Marconi Company - Montreal, Canada

Application des Techniques de l'EIectronique Industrielle (ATEI) - Velizy, France


GEC-Elliott Space and Weapon Systems Ltd - Joint MDs A.S. Walsh and Cdr. D.W. Malim - Stanmore

GEC-AEI Electronics - Stanmore and Portsmouth

Elliott Space and Weapons Automation - Frimley and Hillend


In addition to these four management companies:


Marconi Instruments - MD R.E. Burnett - St. Albans

Marconi Central Division

Elliott-Automation Space and Advanced Military Systems - MD H. Surtees - Camberley

Marconi Italiana

Marconi (South Africa)

Marconi (China)


Note - the other three new Marconi divisions formed in the 1965 reorganisation, namely Computer, Automation and Microelectronics, were dissolved, most of their staff and activities being absorbed back into the older divisions from which they came.






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