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Throughout this History there are references to a variety of sources, some from printed books or journals, some from DVDs and others as online hypertext links, all of which are collected together on this page. Much information has been scanned into the wikis but there are more details available in the content of the many printed publications produced by all divisions and these are listed in the Catalogues and Journals section. 



Personal family histories  1.  2.


An introduction to Sandford Mill in Chelmsford where Marconi material is kept locally


Essex Record Office - One of the most interesting parts of the Marconi Company’s history was the Marconi Photographic Section, which took hundreds of pictures over the organisation’s lifetime. These are now stored at the Essex Record Office in Chelmsford and are currently being catalogued - see here


The UK Heritage Gateway has a considerable listing of Marconi-related entries - enter "Marconi" in the search engine here


Marconi Company Archives

Held in the Bodleian Library and the Museum of Science History at the University of Oxford. 





This is just a short selection - there are many others, particularly covering the early days.


Marconi - the man who networked the world - Marc Raboy - 2016 - Oxford University Press


Marconi 1939-1945: A War Record - George Godwin - 1946 - Chatto & Windus  


 Wireless At Sea: The First 50 Years - H.E.  Hancock - 1960 - MIMCO


The History of the Marconi Company - W.J.Baker - 1970 - Methuen (now available as an ebook)


Anatomy of a Merger: History of G. E. C., A. E. I. and English Electric - Oliver Marriott, Robert Jones - 1970 - Jonathon Cape  


Syntony and Spark: Origins of Radio - George Jeffery Aitken - 1976 -John Wiley & Sons


Saga of Marconi Osram Valve: A History of Valve-making - Barry Vyse, George Robert Jessop - 2000 - Vyse


Marconi's Atlantic Leap - Gordon Bussey - 2001 - Marconi Communications


Signor Marconi's Magic Box: The invention that sparked the radio revolution - Gavin Weightman - new ed. 2004 - HarperCollins


There is a whole series written by Tim Wander and available here together with other material


Shareholders of the British Broadcasting Company - Lorne Clark - 2010 - BVWS Books 



Digitised Books - these are available to read or download online or as text or Kindle versions as downloads on the History


Guglielmo Marconi - Keith Geddes - Science Museum


Origin and development of Wireless telegraphy - G. Marconi


My Father Marconi - Degna Marconi - Text - Kindle


Marconi My Beloved - Maria Cristina Marconi and Elettra

Marconi, the man and his wireless - Dunlap, Orrin Elmer, 1896 - Text  -  Kindle


Marconi Pioneer of Radio - Douglas Coe - Messner - 1943


Wireless Over Thirty Years - R.N. Vyvyan. There is also a collection of papers


Wireless at Sea - H.E. Hancock - The First Fifty Years - MIMCO - pdf file


Manual of the Marconi Institute for training in radio communications and allied vocations (1918?)  -  Text  -  Kindle


Note on a Magnetic Detector of Electric Waves, Which Can Be Employed as a Receiver for Space Telegraphy (January 1, 1902) -  Text  -  Kindle


The Cat's Whisker - 50 Years of Wireless Design - Jonathan Hill - Oresko Books - 1978   Text


Wireless: From Marconi’s Black-Box to the Audion - Sungook Hong 



The elementary principles of wireless telegraphy (1914) -  Bangay, R. D - The Marconi Press Agency Ltd.- Text  - Kindle


The Story of Electricity - John Munro - 1912


A compilation of Marconi items held in the British Newspaper Archive



Other archival information


This information was passed over to Sanford Mill in Chelmsford by Peter Farnworth on 29th September 2014




Company Publications 


Catalogues and Journals -  this is the major source of material 


Guglielmo Marconi Centenary Booklet - a copy was given to all members of staff.


Recently another item surfaced - as more information is collected this will be included.



A brochure produced for the re-formation of the defence capabilities into Marconi Electronics Systems in 1998


Master index - currently up to and including the published 1984 company catalogue for all products.  In addition, products from Radar-specific catalogues 1975 to 1979 inclusive are also included.  Compiling this Master index is an on-going activity as and when such catalogues become available.





Other Related Articles


A celebration of the Centenary by IEE


Sir Eric Eastwoods Inaugural Address as President of the IEE 


Guglielmo Marconi and Early Systems of Wireless Communication - IEE lecture by Roy Simons - Marconi Radar 


Lectures on early work   1.   2.


A compendium article with significant references


GEC Archives - these were lost but have now been recovered in part  


UK Broadcast Manufacturers - a paper presented at an IEE Colloquium 1997 - copyright IET 


There are a few GEC publications in the Chelmsford archive, for example TOPIC  and GEC Marconi Electronics




Marconi Calling - an online resource within the Oxford collection. (Editors note - this has been archived - now available from here )


Interesting WW1 and Y


This Wikipedia entry includes an extensive set of sources


A very comprehensive site referencing early days as part of a town's history


A very comprehensive source of UK Radio history


A treasure house of historic material - we have included relevant Marconi extracts within the wikis


The National Vintage Wireless & Television Museum


A miscellany of articles


Internet Archive - gives access to a wide range of digitised material including complete books


The National Archive - a listing of Marconi sites accessible for reference


Grace's Guide to British Industrial History 


United States Early Radio History - has some good Marconi items

PastReunited - an amazing archive of twentieth century broadcast radio (plus other topics)


Whirligig - a radio and television archive


Spark Museum


Stone Vintage Radio Museum - this is the Marconi section


Machrihanish Radio Station


Marine Radio Museum


Titanic and Nautical Resource Centre





University link




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