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Essex Locations (redirected from Locations)

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This is a spreadsheet compiled from a number of sources which lists all the currently identified sites in Essex occupied by one or more divisions or companies of the group of research, development and manufacturing units commonly recognised as coming under the Marconi banner. 


First there is Chelmsford in the area of which all of the early locations concerned were located and from where all were eventually controlled. As the origin of the Marconi family of companies and also in its own right it has a long history and so deserves a link to itself. 


We must thank some colleagues for their work in recording the old Marconi sites and some of the background, prior to any more memories being lost, that then triggered the recording of the historic archives.


Many entries have an SMR (Sites and Monuments Record) code - this can be entered into the search facility here    [Editors note - the numeric part of the code] which brings up a wealth of additional information. It is suggested that you "right-click" this link to open it in a new tab or window so you can "cut-and-paste" the code for the site of interest into it without having to scroll back to here each time to do so. A general search for "marconi" brings up this result.


There is also the associated Viewfinder site which houses photographs - enter a search term to access (just entering "Marconi" brings up a fascinating selection).


There is also a discussion on sites on the LinkedIn "Ex Marconi Chelmsford" group


The National Archives  - a listing of Marconi sites


A walking tour round Chelmsford


Latest version February 2022.


Location Detail 

Establishment Name Address Key Dates Notes Current state Location (OS ref) Links / Further Information ID
Ace Fruit Farm Rignals Lane, Galleywood Related   Owned by GEC - probably part of the Exhibitions division was housed there for 'set' building Land sold off, some buildings still in use as storage TL716030 (approx)   55
Baddow Research West Hanningfield Road, Great Baddow MultipleUse 1937 - present Research facilities. Site purchased in 1937 and operating by March 1939. In the 1950s the Chain Home tower from RAF Canewdon was moved here. The main office block is built of brick, two storeys, with a projecting central entrance with some limestone details. Extant -  sold off and partially leased back by BAE Systems for location of AI Laboratories and remains of MRSL.
TL 728 038 SMR 15672 17
Baryta House 29 Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea Offices/Labs  
Satellite Radar Drawing Office used for short period of overload during 1970/2 Building (tall office block) extant 879864   57
Basildon Christopher Martin Road, Basildon MultipleUse 1954 - present Aeronautical Division 1954. By 1950 it had become clear that further factory space was required, and it was decided to set this up in the new town of Basildon. The factory was completed in May 1954.
In 1961, following the completion of a new building next to the factory, the scattered groups forming Aeronautical Division (Croydon, Writtle, New Street and B block Basildon) were moved to Basildon.
Now Selex. Under threat of closure 2018
TQ 728909   35
Basildon Basildon Factory ? Small assembly Transferred to Telent - former Marconi telephone business ?  
Bedell's End Roxwell Road, Writtle Offices/Labs 1940s -2000? Radar test site. Eventually replaced by Bushy Hill, although continued to be used for some DF work. Closed due to being unsuitable for transmissions (for clutter rejection development work).
Two Clusters of huts 1/2 mile apart. One with three people was 1/2 mile up the track from the road. It was in use in 1956 for Type 7 Modifications and for metric naval radars. There were other huts at the junction of the track and road that dealt with HFDF. The former was 'running down' 2-3 years later.
The site was also known as Hodges Farm (whose land it was) and had been a DF station during WWII.
Demolished. Site now open fields. TL 67840762 SMR 15939 15
Beehive Lane Beehive Lane, Gt Baddow Factory 1960 - 1980s? Factory. Building acquired in September 1960 (formerly Hills and Cousins). In 1961 around 40 people employed on the site, mainly women, doing wiring, soldering and assembly.
Units still survive though refurbished externally TL 719052   19
Billericay Radford Crescent, Goosebury Green, Billericay (?) Factory 1965 - Specialised Components Division, opened March 1965 (moved here from Guys Farm).
In the 1980s Marconi Electronic Devices were at a factory in Radford Crescent, Goosebury Green. This may be the same site.
? TQ 670953 SMR 15923;
EH Viewfinder (Marconi Communication Systems)
Bradwell (a.k.a Dengie) Sandbeach Farm, Bradwell-on-Sea Test 1982 - present High Frequency Surfacewave Radar (HFSWR) test site. Also known as 'Dengie'. Original system with separate transmit and receive antenna arrays installed in the early 1980s. New installation c.2004, with single array of tetrahedral dipoles. The site was originally a bombing and air-to-ground firing range, of which some remains can be seen. Extant and believed to be still in use by BAE Systems. TM 033053 SMR 46141 (bombing range) 33
Brentwood Doddinghurst Road, Brentwood Related 1920s Telegraph receive station. Removed from Marconi's hands by the Government c. 1928 (along with Ongar) Demolished. Replaced by housing ("Marconi Gardens"). A few later fragments dating from WWII remain (e.g. pillbox built to protect site). TQ 591 958 SMR 15144 12
Broomfield Road Broomfield Road   1960s Possible repeat of Pottery Lane or Church Green, but may be a separate site (mentioned in 1960s company magazines as housing T.I.D., Central Division) ? ?   45
Bus Company' (Marconi) All sites Related 1960-70s Inter-site buses ran around Chelmsford all day. Schedule from memory was WRW, Behive Lane, Gt Baddow, St Mary's House, New Street. With another running in the opposite sequence. These operated to a timetable every working day. Unsure when this started and whether other sites were linked in at other times. N/A     70
Bushy Hill South Woodham Ferrers Test c. 1954 - present Radar test site. Acquired about 1954 in response to a contract to develop an L band (23 cm wavelength) radar with a clutter rejection system for the RAF. By 1955, the installation of a Type 80 radar [Editors note - the installation was of turning gear and reflector only] had commenced. In 1959, the Marconi Company was awarded a government development contract for a passive detection system known as Winkle and in conjunction with the government establishment at Malvern, Worcestershire, had produced an operational system by the end of 1962. The principal ground equipment installed at Bushy Hill for this work was a high speed receiving aerial. In the mid- 1960s, Bushy Hill became the main demonstration site for Marconi's S600 series. Disposed of in 2016 by BAE
TQ 813986 SMR 15930 32
Church Green Broomfield Offices/Labs to c.1970 Housed a fairly large Radar Systems group. Field Services, Installation Design, Installation Planning and a Drawing Office were also on site. Had its own canteen. A large brick country house (possibly called Broomfield House), opposite the church. Prefabricated outbuildings used for DO, TID and Field Services. Broomfield House, outbuildings and stables, demolished circa 1975 now a housing estate.
TL 705104 (?)   27
Corrosion Testing Station Mersea Island Test 1934 - 1938+?   Unknown, presumably demolished ?   9
Dagenham Dagenham Related Closed c.1999. Sterling Telephone and Electric Company. Taken over by Marconi 1925, but sold a few years later. Presumably demolished? ?   49
Danbury "Chicken Compound", Bakers Lane, Danbury Test 1950s - 1960s 100' tower and small hut. Originally used for propagation tests (in line of sight of the Marconi sites at Great Bromley, Baddow and Writtle). Replaced by new towers TL 784053   53
E.K.Cole Southend-on-Sea Related WWII The 1155 receiver was developed jointly by E.K.Cole Ltd (Ecko) and Marconi staff, sharing the laboratory, drawing office and engineering facilities of E.K.Cole at their Southend establishment. Demolished  
Duxford Radio Society (http://www.duxfordradiosociety.org/equiphist/r1155/t1154-r1155-v1mod3.pdf) 67
Eastwood House Glebe Road Offices/Labs 1995 - present Radar Systems Division (who moved there from Writtle Road), then AMS, then BAE Systems Insyte. On part of New St site.
Extant but completely vacated by BAE in 2018
TL 706073   48
Elettra House Westway, Widford MultipleUse 196 Marconi Marine HQ, then Field Services division of Radar. Also housed Drawing Office, Standards, PCTG and Customer Support sales and engineering staff. Staff had moved to Eastwood House by March 2003 and site was effectively closed by September 2003. Extant, but modified to serve as car showrooms. TL 694 053 SMR 15674 28
Galleywood Galleywood Related 1950s? Tropo development and test station working with unit in Devon Now a local history centre. ?   10
Gilbarco Crompton Close, Basildon Factory 1999 - 2001 (as Marconi Commerce Systems) 1960s industrial unit used by Gilbarco (fuel dispensing equipment, point of sale systems etc). The company was acquired by GEC in 1987 and in 1999 was renamed 'Marconi Commerce Systems' in line with GEC's corporate change to Marconi. Sold in 2001 for $325m. Extant and still in use - company now called Gilbarco Veeder Root.
TQ 697898 SMR 15932;
EH Viewfinder photos
Gt Bromley Park Farm, Hilliards Road, Gt Bromley Related 1946 - ? Stores. Marconi began to rent the site in 1946. 3 metal CH towers, two later removed.
Ownership reverted to farmer, some building in use for private storage TM 104265   38
Gt Totham Methodist Church Gt Totham   1943 - 1946 Building loaned to Marconi company during WWII. Use unknown. ? ? ERO D/NM5/34/1 50
Guy's Farm Writtle Offices/Labs   Close to Lawford Lane site, still in use 1969 (mechanical engineering laboratory). Had previously housed the Specialised Components Division which moved to Billericay in 1965. Now housing - Guys Farm Road TL 679 064 SMR 15938
Hall Street Hall Street, Chelmsford Factory 1898 - 1921+ First Marconi factory. Used for the research department after the move to New Street in 1912, and still in use 1921. Prior to use by Marconi, was a Courtauld's silk mill. Became Essex & Suffolk Water site Extant though converted to flats after failed attempt to create Marconi Heritage Centre  (although the original Marconi sign reinstated on end wall and information board erected by Civic Society.)
TL 710 063 SMR 15083;
EH Viewfinder photo
Hampton House Beehive Lane, Gt Baddow Social  
Used for functions and overnight stays for Marconi executives, sold c.1998.
Formerly the residence of E.K.Cole. During the war was home for many members of the WRNS who worked at Baddow
Site sold for housing. Original building still extant TL 720050 (approx)  
Kensal House Springfield Road, Chelmsford Offices/Labs 1960s Standardization Division, 1967. Then Computer Division Extant TL 712068   46
L. P. Foreman Roxwell Road, Chelmsford Related  
Packaging business owned (and extensively used) by GEC-Marconi Building converted to housing - yard area has also become housing TL 701074 (approx)   56
Maldon The Causeway, Maldon Offices/Labs 1967 - Sound Systems Division of Marconi International Unknown. TL 854076 (approx)   43

Marconi School of Wireless Communications

(aka Marconi College)

Arbour Lane, Springfield Related 1921 - 1997 Established in an existing Victorian villa, Telford Lodge, in 1921. Various extensions in 1930s, 50s and 60s. Site cleared March 2000; replaced by housing (Telford Place) TL 718075 SMR 15732;
EH Viewfinder photos
Marrable House The Vineyards, Gt Baddow Offices/Labs 1968 -

Development. Building probably named after former employee. In 1969 was base for Marconi Space Communications Division. Seems to have later housed the patents department. Radar Division housed Drawing Office here.

[Editors note - Automation Division also.]

Extant, but building now empty. Due for demolition and site redevelopment TL 728051   20
Mildmay Road Mildmay Road (~42) Related ? Used to construct horse-drawn wireless sets for the Army. Tall mast behind. Despite proximity to 1 and 2 seems to have been a separate site.
May have been the local HQ of the BATC (British Amateur Television Club) for many years
Extant but original wooden buildings replaced by brick, and now used as auction house / garage. TL 709063   54
New Street New Street, Chelmsford (west side) MultipleUse 1912 - 2008 First purpose-built radio factory in the world. For most of the 20th century the centre of the Marconi empire. Various extensions and modifications from the original buildings.
Site of 1st Public radio broadcast by Dame Nellie Melba on 15th June 1920. The original buildings were designed by the architects W Dunn and R Watson. By 1920 two 450' masts had been raised, and these remained a Chelmsford landmark until c.1935. The factory was extended in 1927 and again in 1936. 1937 saw the construction of Marconi House to accommodate the main company offices. Building 46 was constructed in 1941, and Building 720 (the Canteen) in 1949. In 1960s, Bld 720 2nd Floor housed a works canteen (queue and collect), silver service canteen and possibly a third one (executive resturant was in building adj NSt); on the 1st Floor was the Apprentice Training Centre Admin offices and outside 30ish clerical/secretarial trainess and their typewriters (The annual apprentice/graduate/clerical intake was of the order of 400) and on the ground floor where production of large system racks occurred and, down a ramp, the infamous 'PIT' where apprentices all learnt in year 1 the basics of the machine shop's tools.
In 1995 Building 46 and various others were demolished and replaced by Eastwood House.
Now redeveloped for housing and commercial use. Only remaining buildings, the listed Front Office block, Water Tower and Power House. 
TL 708 073 SMR 15671;
EH Viewfinder photos;
New Street (2) New Street, Chelmsford (east side) Related 1912 (?) - ? Opposite the main New Street offices were the railway goods yards and the stables. Demolished TL 710 074   4
Ongar Radio Station North Weald Bassett Related 1919 - 1992 (Marconi use only for first ten years) Telegraph transmit station. Site purchased by Marconi in 1919 and the station was completed by 1922. Removed from Marconi's hands and by 1929 was operated by Cable & Wireless. Later run by the General Post Office (later BT). Antennas removed c.1982 and the site sold off c. 1992. The station was close to the late 19th century North Weald Redoubt, a military mobilsation centre. Demolished (although redoubt remains). Now a golf course TL 506040 SMR 15929;
Subterranea Britannica report (http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/sites/n/north_weald_ongar_radio/index.shtml)
Phoenix House New London Road, Chelmsford Social ? Apprentice Hostel Sold? ?  
Pottery Lane Pottery Lane, Broomfield Factory 1903 - c.1970 Established as a receiving station in 1903. By 1911 it was a research station and part of the Marconi Apprentice Training School (ATC) till it moved to NSt Bld 720. In 1912 consisted of a single hut and several aerials on masts. By 1946 a group of Nissan huts. Used by Broadcast Division in 1950s. The site was bombed in May 1943, and nearby houses damaged. The site had been manufacturing CR 100 receivers. The site was also home of the Radar Development Group in the late 1940s and 50s until 1959 when the staff moved swapped sites with the TV Development Lab (at Gt Baddow).
The SR1000 transmitter and the display and height finder control systems for the S244 were developed at Pottery Lane.
Demolished. Replaced by housing TL 7017 0844 SMR 15935 5
RAF Birch Near Tiptree Test 1950s Radar testing in the 1950s (TBC) Derelict, very few remains. TL 912196  
Rainsford Lane Rainsford Lane, Chelmsford   1960s Two sections were there TV Established Designs, on the ground floor & Pay TV, on the first floor.
Developed (c 1965) (housed SQG in 1966) ?   44
Rivenhall Airfield (a.k.a. Silver End) Sheepcotes Lane, Rivenhall Test c.1950 - c.2003 Factory; then test site. Marconi began leasing some of the former airfield prior to 1956. Used for assembly and test of radar systems including CNFT (Cylindrical Near Field Test). The site was shared by Radar and Communications. The airfield had formerly had a Polish Camp during the war.
Various old war-time buildings were used, including the canteen. Marconi also constructed new buildings on the site.
Derelict (gravel extraction). Some buildings from airfield usage still visible (2010) TL 824 205 http://www.flickr.com/photos/50332223@N00/sets/72157594227903911/ 39
Romford Romford Factory 1943 - ? Factory taken August 1943, and work from the Fulham premises (sheet metal and frame construction) moved there after that site was gutted by incendiaries 20th February 1944. Not known if related to the Plessey site in Romford. Unknown, presumably demolished ?   42
Skating Rink New London Road, Chelmsford   1945 - 1962+ Used for 'Aircraft Test' c.1946, equipment being assembled by Ben Burnell. Building had coke stoves and no windows. In 1962 held the Valve Depot. Called the Skating Rink because was in the building (or on site of) the County Skating Rink. This had been for sale in 1921, when it included an American rock maple skating floor. (This was on the site on an iron foundry.) Demolished. Garage on site. TL 705063 ERO D/F 33/5/10 51
Social Club Victoria Road, Chelmsford (corner of New Street) Social  
Original Social Club - then Print Works and scrap stores. Building originally a Victorian school demolished c.2005 - now housing/retail TL 709072 SMR 15940 58
Social Club (MASC) Beehive Lane, Gt Baddow Social c. 1960 to present Marconi sports and social club. Site acquired c.1960. Building demolished; site still in use but now as a private facility.
TL 720050 (approx)  
Social Club (Selex) Gardiners Lane, Basildon Social  
Social club for Basildon Extant? close to TQ 728909  
Springfield Place Springfield Offices/Labs 1970s? Training / Drawing office, apprentice hostel and from circa

1966 as the Staff Development Centre (which moved to Marconi College in the early 1970s)

Extant. TL 719081   34
St. Mary's House Victoria Road, Chelmsford Offices/Labs fl. 1968

In 1968 housed the 'Organisation and Methods' department - also some Drawing Office staff. Site leased from Costains. During the 1960-80s this site was also was home to the Radar Technical Information Dept (TID, also known as Technical Publications), the TID Manuals library, Spares and Repairs Engineering Dept on 2nd floor with S&R Pricing Dept on 1st floor and Estimating on Gnd floor. S&R ENg moved to WRW C Blk prior to moving to Elettra House. (S&R Workshop was at WRW K Blk).

[Editors note - also housed Central Publicity]

Extant, but building now largely empty TL 708071   21
St. Osyth Martello Tower St. Osyth Test 1950s Used in 1953-55 for the development and testing of a 2GHz television link. This went from Baddow to the Danbury repeater, thence to St Osyth and return via Danbury to Baddow. Probably extant. ?  
Stacey's Store Springfield Related c. 1968 Bulk storage area of 18,000 sqrft. One of several storage buildings in the area (others unknown as yet). ? ?   40
Station Yard Ingatestone Offices/Labs  
Used by various parts of GEC-Marconi Site sold, still extant TQ 650992  
Stock Stock Test WWII Unmanned site used for ionospheric measurements during WWII Presumably removed ?  
Thorpe Hall Thorpe-le-Soken Social  
Used as Convalescent home for English Electric companies. Had 14 staff in 1967. Demolished. TM 182218  
Three Bays Baddow Road Factory 1960s Development, did include some small assembly work and became GEC Mobile Radio Site sold off but building still in use TL 719057   18
Valve Laboratories Waterhouse Lane, Chelmsford Factory 1941 - 1945? Set up during war as secret factory for valve production. Site then became EEV (which itself was known as 'Marconi Applied Technologies' from 1999 to the management buy-out in 2002). Now TeledyneE2V TL 698067   52
Wanstead Wanstead Related WWII During WW2, Plessey used underground tunnels (the unopened central line extension from Wanstead to Gant's Hill) around Wanstead for factory purposes. Marconi may also have used these tunnels. Now the Central line  
Waterhouse Lane Waterhouse Lane, Chelmsford MultipleUse Closed 1999 Company owned land in Waterhouse Lane by start of 20th century. New factory built 1964, and in the 1980s housed the Manufactured Components Division. Closed 26th March 1999, and demolished in 2001. In 1970s Broadcast Division here.
Also used for Patents Office in the 1990s.
There had been buildings on the site prior to the new factory (1964), including the sheet metal workshop and the apprentice training centre (up to 1952). Details of these earlier buildings are not known.
Demolished. Homebase now on the site TL 697065 SMR 15675;
Photos of demolition (http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuart166axe/2649728376/);
EH Viewfinder photos
Wells Street Wells Street, Chelmsford Offices/Labs 1960s One section of the Drawing Office, prior to moving to Writtle Road ? TL 705072   47
Widford 1 Widford Factory 1960s Factory - part of Communications business Redeveloped TL 692055 (approx)   30
Widford 2 Russell Way, Widford Factory 1960s Factory - part of Communications business Redeveloped TL 692055 (approx)   31
Widford Hall Widford Factory 1965 - c.1970? Test Equipment Research & engineering Extant. TL 693052   29
Wireless station Rochford Road, Chelmsford   c. 1920? The site of a possible Marconi Radio Station is marked on the 1921 Ordnance Survey map. Close to Hall Street. Demolished TL 7114 0627 SMR 15936 2
Wireless station Dovercourt, Harwich Related 1899 - ? An early telegraph station Demolished? ?   6
Wireless Telegraph School Upper Third Avenue, Frinton Related 1901 - 1904 First radio college established in the world. One building used as the school, one as a residence. Building extant; masts removed TM 234 201   7
Witham Witham Factory c. 1967 Five temporary buildings occupied by Microelectronics in the time between Baddow and the purpose built plant known as Witham Main.These buildings are on the opposite side of the road and were occupied for about a year. Witham 1,2,4 and 5 were grouped together Witham 3 was a little further away. Presumably demolished? Close to TL 829146 (?)   24
Witham Main Freebournes Road, Witham MultipleUse 1968 - 1971 Microelectronics factory, specifically built in 1967 (co-ordinated by Marconi's Building and Facilities Group). Closed after only 3 years. Became photo processing lab for American company Trifca. Building seems to have been known as Taveloc House later on. TL 829146 (?) EH Viewfinder (Taveloc House) 23
Witham station Witham Related 1920s Telegraph station, used until Ongar and Brentwood came on line. Presumably demolished? ?   13
Writtle Lawford Lane, Writtle Factory 1919 - 1987 Established in 1919 to look at use of radios in aircraft. 2MT begins scheduled radio broadcasts 14th February 1922; displaced by the BBC. During WWII Writtle developed the famous 1154 transmitter and 1135 receiver sets which were fitted to every British bomber. To assist the work an Avro Lancaster was brought into the site (and was not removed until 1956). Extensive rebuilding scheme in the 1950s, and the original 2MT hut was removed (March 1960) and given to Kings Road Junior School. Latterly the Line Communications Division. Closed by the end of 1987. Original 2MT hut now housed at Sandford Mill Museum Demolished; replaced by housing ("Melba Court") TL 68150640 SMR 15937;
"2MT Writtle: The Birth of British Broadcasting", Tim Wander
Writtle Road (X, Y and Z blocks) Writtle Road, Chelmsford Offices/Labs 1968 - 1995 Listed separately because physically separate from the main site. The original canteen became the School of Engineering Deliniation, whilst X, Y and Z blocks housed the test equipment business Demolished, now housing TL 700059   26
Writtle Road Works (a.k.a Cromptons Works) Writtle Road, Chelmsford MultipleUse 1968 - 1995 Radar Systems Division, housed in former Crompton Parkinson factory which had been established on the site c.1896. Mostly demolished and replaced by housing ("The Village"). Original Cromptons frontage retained. TL 698 060 SMR 15670 25
Sites are included on the grounds of being within the historical county of Essex and having been used by Marconi for manufacture, testing, development, training or general management. Sites with a social function are also included. No distinction is made between the early Marconi companies (MWTCo, GEC-Marconi etc) and the later (and short-lived) Marconi corporation
Sites just employing Marconi equipment are not included (so all the WWII airbases are excluded, even though they probably used Marconi equipment. Earlier airfields, e.g. Stow Maries are excluded on the same grounds).

Additional information from other sources


This must be the basis for the Corrosion Testing Site. Kiddiesland, originally a nickname for the prewar site at Waldergraves for deprived children,  is now the Mersea  Youth Camp.

"At one time there was a kind of cage built out on the mud near the sea wall close by the Kiddiesland site before the war. This cage of wood covered with a thick wire mesh and sporting a padlocked door, was used for hanging up all sorts of iron things such as bolts, anchors, metal plates which had been zinc-plated (galvanised), and were subject to sea water immersion by the tides twice a day and of course to the wetting and drying out each time by the sea breezes. The two sons of Mrs Passadoro of the 'Firs' in Firs Chase, Mr Dennis and Mr Charles were apparently involved in experiments of the durability of galvanising and this was a way of finding out which system or process stood up best to the weather and the rigours of sea water immersion. Strangely no one ever touched or interfered in any way with the apparatus even though it was easily accessible. Then nobody touched any such thing in those halcyon days. As for the Passadoro boys, Charles and Dennis, they sadly got killed on active service during the second war. "





Comments (2)

George Maclean said

at 9:42 pm on Jun 25, 2015

Yes, there was a site at Rainsford Lane, I was there for a couple of years, before we were rehoused at Waterhouse Lane along with those from Pottery Lane. Two sections were there TV Established Designs, with Dave Parkinson and Ray Cox, on the Ground floor & Pay TV, with Marion Imberowitz and Bill Hipwell, on the first floor. Rainsford lane was situated next door (west) to the County Hotel, and was de eloped soon after our departure (c 1965)

George Maclean said

at 10:03 pm on Jun 25, 2015

There was also a site, situated behind the Old MASC, club on the corner of New Streer, and Victoria road (North East corner) this had the title of 'Driver's Yard' and was not really not a 'work site', but a yard for parking Marconi vehicles and parking for higher ranking's cars. There was a security 'shed' there I seem to remember!
The term 'Drivers' applied to the Company chauffeurs, who drive MDs etc about and presumably were allowed to park their own vehicles there. It was certainly there in 1962, when I joined the firm, but I have no idea when it closed!

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